आर्थिक समृद्धि लघुवित्त वित्तीय संस्था लिमिटेड
Aarthik Samriddhi Laghu Bitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited ,the bank for upliftment of the poor is a microfinance bank established in November 2017 under Company Act of Nepal 1997 (now Company Act 2006). Nepal Rastra Bank, the Central Bank of Nepal, granted a license in July 2017 to undertake banking activities under the Development Bank Act 1996. It started its formal operation from September 2017.
Arthik had a limited recourses and capacity to satisfy unmet demand of poor people in different part of the country. This resulted the establishment of Aarthik as a Company where Arthik became a lead promoter of the bank. In July 2017, Aarthik transferred all microfinance operations to Aarthik. Strategic reasons for promoting Aarthik are:
Our Branch
Bhanu Branch

Kalyantar 1 Bhanu Tanahun 065-580403 bhanu.aarthik@gmail.com

Jamune Branch

Jamune 3 Megde Tanahun 065-401174 jamune.aarthik@gmail.com

Waling Branch

Campusroad -9 Waling Syangja 9801558568 waling.aarthik@gmail.com

Chormara Branch

Chormara 8 Madhyebindu Nawalparasi 078-410143 chormara.aarthik@gmail.com

Mangalapur Branch

Mangalapur 9 Tilottoma Rupendehi 071-562985 manglapur.aarthik@gmail.com

Farsatikar Branch

Farsatikar 4 Sudhodhan Rupendehi 71-400199 farsatikar.aarthik@gmail.com

Hatamalo Branch

Hatamalo 4 Paiyu Parbat 067-411104 hatemalo.aarthik@gmail.com

Amarapuri Branch

Amarapuri 17 Gaidakot Nawalparasi 9801558574 amarapuri.aarthik@gmail.com

Machhapuchhre Branch

Machhapuchhre 4 Kaski 9801558574 machhapuchhre.aarthik@gmail.com

Purtighat Branch

Gulmi Kaligandaki 4 Purtighat 9801558575 purtighat.aarthik@gmail.com

Bethari Branch

Bethari 6 Mayadevi  Rupandehi 9801558576 bethari.aarthiksamriddhi@gmail.com

Gopiganj Branch

Gopiganj 3  Pratappur  Nawalparasi 9801558578 gopigunj.aarthiksamriddhi@gmail.com

Sainamaina Branch

Bankatta 1  Sainamaina Rupandehi 9801558579 sainamaina.aarthiksamriddhi@gmail.com